Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Just Tell Someone About Jesus!

When he saw Jesus walking by, he said, "Here is the Lamb of God!"  John's two followers heard him, and they went with Jesus.  When Jesus turned and saw them, he asked, "What do you want?" They answered, "Rabbi, where do you live?" The Hebrew word "Rabbi" means "Teacher."  Jesus replied, "Come and see!" It was already about four o'clock in the afternoon when they went with him and saw where he lived. So they stayed on for the rest of the day.  One of the two men who had heard John and had gone with Jesus was Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter.  The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother and tell him, "We have found the Messiah!" The Hebrew word "Messiah" means the same as the Greek word "Christ."  Andrew brought his brother to Jesus. And when Jesus saw him, he said, "Simon son of John, you will be called Cephas." This name can be translated as "Peter."

John 1: 36 - 42

The first thing that Andrew did was to tell his brother about Jesus!  That’s why the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread so quickly in the first century.  Men and women did not wait until they were “qualified” to proclaim the message of Jesus!  As soon as they heard about Him, they told others, who did the same!  Today, we call that “going viral!”

We are tempted to wait until our “argument” is polished and convincing.  We want to make sure that we make Jesus “look good” to those hearing the message, and we want to “look good” ourselves!  But really, the Gospel of Jesus has nothing to do with making the Savior attractive to others.  He can handle that part Himself!

And as far as you looking good, those who receive the message will be impressed, but those who reject Jesus will reject you as well!  It is all about Him and not about you!

So when you hear someone complain today about anything in their life, let them know that Jesus is the answer to that problem!  Just encourage others to cast their cares on Jesus and see what happens!  And don’t forget to encourage them to tell someone else!  When that fire begins to burn, everyone will soon know about Jesus Christ!

“Lord Jesus, give me the courage today to tell someone about You!  I know that You, Jesus are the answer to every problem.  Praise Your Holy Name forever.  Amen.”

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