Monday, April 3, 2017

Reason to be Ready!

The day of the Lord's return will surprise us like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a loud noise, and the heat will melt the whole universe. Then the earth and everything on it will be seen for what they are.  Everything will be destroyed. So you should serve and honor God by the way you live.  You should look forward to the day when God judges everyone, and you should try to make it come soon. On that day the heavens will be destroyed by fire, and everything else will melt in the heat.  But God has promised us a new heaven and a new earth, where justice will rule. We are really looking forward to that!

2 Peter 3: 10 - 13

Are we days, or maybe even hours away from the return of Jesus Christ?  Well, that may be so!  The countdown timer of history may be on it’s last few clicks!  And we should live our lives as if that were true, but that may not be the case as well.

There have been “evidences” of the soon return of Jesus in every age of history since the time of the Cross!  Even some of those who saw Jesus in the flesh thought He might come back during their lifetime. 

God has designed the time line of history to provide His people with reason to be ready for the return of Jesus at any moment!  That is still true today.  When men believe that Jesus will not or especially, cannot return in their lifetime there is great temptation to ignore the urgency of telling the world about Jesus!

Live today as if this is the Day of the Return of Jesus Christ!  You may be surprised when He returns, but you will be ready!

“Lord Jesus, help me be ready for Your return, today and tomorrow and every day for the rest of my life on this earth!  Praise Your Holy Name forever.  Amen.” 

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