Saturday, June 8, 2019


Now the LORD says to me, "It isn't enough for you to be merely my servant. You must do more than lead back survivors from the tribes of Israel. I have placed you here as a light for other nations; you must take my saving power to everyone on earth."

Isaiah 49:6

The first practical electric light became a reality 140 years ago. Thomas Edison invented a light bulb that could last as long as 1200 hours without burning out. Then he worked on the problem of how to get electric power to the bulbs that would ultimately cover the earth!

Thomas Edison was a great inventor, but what he did was merely a copy of the Light Distribution that God invented long before Edison came on the scene! Bringing light to a dark world is what Jesus came to do! He is the light of life. Without Jesus everyone is in darkness!

And when you turn your heart to Jesus, you become “a light for other nations” and you can take the Saving Power of Jesus to “everyone on earth.”

When you tell someone about Jesus, they not only hear the message, but they also see the light! When you accept Jesus Christ into your heart, the Power of God brings light to your life and helps you see everything in life differently.

“Lord Jesus, without You I was blind and in darkness! But Jesus You are the light of the world and You are willing to shine through me on everyone I meet today! May the Glory of Your light be seen by all men everywhere! Praise Your Holy Name now and forever, Amen!”

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