Wednesday, August 26, 2015

God Wins and Satan Loses!

The oceans you saw the prostitute sitting on are crowds of people from all races and languages.  The ten horns and the beast will start hating the shameless woman. They will strip off her clothes and leave her naked. Then they will eat her flesh and throw the rest of her body into a fire.  God is the one who made these kings all think alike and decide to give their power to the beast. And they will do this until what God has said comes true.

Revelation 17:15-17
As things descend into chaos on the earth you may be tempted to think that God has "lost control." That is not true. In fact, it is just the opposite. God is the only one who is still very much in control and He is orchestrating the fulfillment of His will on Planet Earth!

Satan himself is the unwilling pawn on God's chessboard. The infinite Power of God Almighty makes all the forces of evil seem like a literal "drop in the bucket" of Eternity! The outcome of the struggle between Good and Evil has already been decided. God wins and Satan loses!

If you are worrying about what will happen, then you are not depending on the faith that Jesus wants you to rest in! God is watching everything on earth and is allowing only those things that will work together to bring Eternal Bliss to those who love Him!

"Lord Jesus, calm my heart today and help me to rejoice in You as I wait for Your soon return! And may You be praised forever. Amen."

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