Friday, July 1, 2011

Re-Created by the Creator!

If you are thirsty,
come and drink water!
If you don’t have any money,
come, eat what you want!
Drink wine and milk
without paying a cent.

Why waste your money
on what really isn’t food?
Why work hard for something
that doesn’t satisfy?
Listen carefully to me,
and you will enjoy
the very best foods.

Pay close attention!
Come to me and live.
I will promise you
the eternal love and loyalty
that I promised David.

Isaiah 55:1-3

What I really need is something that money can't buy. If I was the richest man in the world I could not purchase peace in my heart and peace with God. As I struggle to pay the bills and "keep my head above water" financially I can have total serenity and sleep like a baby. On the other hand, I can have more money than anyone would ever need and have inner turmoil while I am awake or while I am asleep.

There is an old hymn that begins, "Just as I am, without one plea." When you come to God you must come just as you are. If you hope to come to God tomorrow you will find that tomorrow is always a day away. If you hope to clean up your life before you turn your heart to Jesus, you will never be convinced that you are clean enough to come. If you wait for any reason, you will always have justification for waiting just a little longer.

True love is never forced on another. True love is freely given and freely accepted. I may love someone with all my heart and still be rejected by the one I love. Jesus loves me and He loves you with all His heart. He doesn't care what we have done. He took the punishment that I deserve and gives me eternal glory with Him that only He deserves. If you think your life is too big of a problem for Jesus to handle, think again. The Creator of everything that there is has offered to Re-Create you into His own image. Let Jesus begin that work in your life today. Even you will be amazed at the changes He makes in your heart, mind and body!

There is nothing more beautiful than a life, restored into the likeness of Jesus Christ!

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