Monday, March 11, 2013

The Weak Brother

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Welcome all the Lord's followers, even those whose faith is weak. Don't criticize them for having beliefs that are different from yours. Some think it is all right to eat anything, while those whose faith is weak will eat only vegetables. But you should not criticize others for eating or for not eating. After all, God welcomes everyone. What right do you have to criticize someone else's servants? Only their Lord can decide if they are doing right, and the Lord will make sure that they do right.

Romans 14:1-4

The weak brother is often one who has bound himself by rules that God did not write. When you relate to another Christian who cannot in good conscience do something that you believe is perfectly acceptable, you must be careful not to do damage to their faith. As you grow in your own faith it is easier to see others who might be considered "weaker" in faith. You can view them as "legalistic" in their walk as Christians and yes it is easy to look down on them as brothers who don't know the grace of God!

But have you ever considered how the "stronger" brother appears from the perspective of the "weaker" one? When the man who is weak in faith looks at a man who is strong in faith he sees that man doing things that he considers to be sin! One man is eating meat and the other man "knows" that eating meat is sin!

Satan uses even the amount of faith that we have to drive a wedge between brothers. So what must we do?

When you see a brother binding himself to a moral standard that you believe is too strict, don't criticize and demean. And if you see a brother engaged in behavior that you believe is not acceptable to the Lord, warn him but leave the judging to the Lord.

Keep your eyes on Jesus and walk with others who do the same. Busy yourself in worshiping and serving the Lord and you will have little time to focus on each other. Let God direct your steps and change you into the likeness of Jesus Christ and let Him do the same for your brother.

"Lord Jesus, I confess to You that I am indeed the weaker brother. My faith falls so far short of what it could be. I want to trust You more and more. May my weak faith grow strong as I walk with and listen to You everyday. And I ask this in the Name of Jesus. Amen!"

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