Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Be Very Afraid!

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The great day of the Lord
is coming soon, very soon.
On that terrible day,
fearsome shouts of warriors
will be heard everywhere.
It will be a time of anger—
of trouble and torment,
of disaster and destruction,
of darkness and despair,
of storm clouds and shadows,
of trumpet calls
and battle cries
against fortified cities
and mighty fortresses.
The Lord warns everyone
who has sinned against him,
“I'll strike you blind!
Then your blood and your insides
will gush out like vomit.
Not even your silver or gold
can save you on that day
when I, the Lord, am angry.
My anger will flare up
like a furious fire
scorching the earth
and everyone on it.”

Zephaniah 1:14-18

When God gets angry you don't want to be someone whose sins are in His sights! In case you missed it the first time God said: "I'll strike you blind and your insides will gush out like vomit." What a graphic and disgusting description of God's reaction to those who sin against Him!

And oh, by the way this is not about something that has already happened. The whole earth was destroyed by a flood but it has not yet been scorched by fire.

Those who reject the salvation provided by Jesus Christ and choose to stand with their sin before God will feel the eternal tragedy of being lost!

For years I have been taught that the "Fear of God" is awesome respect. And of course it is, but for those who reject Jesus the "Fear of God" will go beyond any fear on earth. Be afraid, very afraid to live this life and leave this world without Jesus.

"Dear Lord, help me see the tragedy of those who have rejected You. Give me an urgent heart to bring them the good news of Jesus. And Jesus, guard my heart today from the temptations that would try to drag me away from You. Thank You Lord Jesus. Amen."

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