Monday, April 22, 2013

Webster is Not God!

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Suppose a married woman makes a promise to the Lord.  If her husband hears about the promise and says nothing, she must do what she said.  But if he hears about the promise and does object, she no longer has to keep it. The Lord will forgive her, because her husband would not allow her to keep the promise.  Her husband has the final say about any promises she makes to the Lord.

Numbers 30:10-13

Did God intend for marriage to be an equal partnership between a man and a woman? Without referring to His Word we have decided how to define marriage. Many object when the definition of marriage is extended to include "same sex" couples, but what about the rights and responsibilities of a "man and a woman" who are married? Are they the same for both husband and wife?

According to this scripture in Numbers a husband can "veto" even a promise his wife makes to God! And God will recognize the husband's feelings about the matter and not hold the wife responsible for keeping her promise. So in this way even God Himself will not come between a man and his wife! But when a man makes a promise to God, the Bible does not say that his wife's objection can nullify his promise.

We must all be careful not to re-define the things of God. Marriage is what God says it is, and nothing else. The Church is what God says it is and nothing more. A government is not pleasing to God just because it is the one in power.

Search the scriptures daily to see what God thinks about the things around you. Noah Webster's dictionary is not the place to discover how God defines a word. Let your definitions be crafted from His Word rather than manipulating God's Word to align itself with your definitions.

"Lord, I confess to You that I am not defining the world around me as You want me to. Show me how You define marriage, being a citizen of my nation, and a follower of Jesus Christ. Show me clearly where I am not seeing the world around me as You see it Lord. May You be praised forever. Amen."

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