Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pretending to Trust

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But the Lord has filled me

with power and his Spirit.

I have been given the courage

to speak about justice

and to tell you people of Israel

that you have sinned.

So listen to my message,

you rulers of Israel!

You hate justice

and twist the truth.

You make cruelty and murder

a way of life in Jerusalem.

You leaders accept bribes

for dishonest decisions.

You priests and prophets

teach and preach,

but only for money.

Then you say,

“The Lord is on our side.

No harm will come to us.”

Micah 3:8-11

There have been ships that everyone believed could not sink and there are countries that claim the blessings and protection of God while refusing to repent and turn to Him!

If yours is a "Christian nation," but still holds on to customs that are forbidden in Scripture then you are sure to find out how God deals with those who claim His blessings without following His Word! If revival comes to your land it will begin with conviction of sin and brokenness. Revival is not simply a new excitement about the things of God.

Revival starts with the crushing recognition of your own unworthiness and how lost you would be without Jesus. And so you repent as fast as you can and run to Jesus as the only place of rest and security.

You can say "In God We Trust" and even print that phrase on your money without really trusting in God. Other men may hear your words, but God knows your heart. If you are pretending to follow Jesus, God knows that. It is time to repent and turn your whole heart over to the love of God!

"Dear Lord, I confess that we have claimed Your blessings, but ignored Your Word. Show us clearly the sins that we are clinging to so we can repent. Help us then Lord to turn and cling to You forever. Amen."

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