Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cain’s Grain!

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God blesses those people

who want to obey him

more than to eat or drink.

They will be given

what they want!

Matthew 5:6

I remember when I was a child and I first pondered this verse from the Sermon on the Mount.  It seemed like this was a promise that if I wanted to obey God more than anything else, then He would give me the "things" that I wanted in life.  But now I see this quite differently. 

If I want to obey God more than anything else, then He will see to it that I get what I want and that is the opportunity to obey Him! 

Being able to obey God means first of all that I have heard His voice!  You cannot obey God unless you have heard and understand the "Will of God" for that moment of obedience. Obedience is not offering "Cain's Grain" on the alter of your desire.  Obedience is "Abel's Lamb."

Also, obedience to God's Will often stands in direct contradiction to "Common Sense."  If I only obey God when "Common Sense" agrees with His commands then who am I really obeying, God or "Common Sense?" 

The ultimate example of obedience to God was the Cross of Christ.  Jesus obeyed God by dying on the Cross, but that death brought life to everyone who will receive it.  Your obedience to God's Will can bring great suffering, but it will also bring life and joy and peace as well! 

Let Obedience to God be your greatest desire.  Abandon the life of bringing "Cain's Grain" to God and listen carefully for His sweet voice! 

"Lord Jesus, I do want to obey You.  Help me want to obey You more than anything else in life.  And Lord give me one Word today that I may obey, so that You will once again and forever be glorified.  Amen."

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