Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pain is Not a Curse!

When all of this happened,

the Lord All-Powerful told you

to weep and mourn,

to shave your heads,

and wear sackcloth.


But instead, you celebrated

by feasting on beef and lamb

and by drinking wine,

because you said,

“Let's eat and drink today!

Tomorrow we may die.”

Isaiah 22:12-13

Narcotics that stop the pain can be a great blessing, but they can also be a terrible curse!  Pain and the fear of pain is God's gift to man to keep him from harming himself.  If the fire did not burn and hurt, a small child would never learn to stay away from it. 

We (the United States) are a nation in great pain today because we have ignored the teachings of Scripture and have tried to destroy the things that God has created!  God created the family so that both boys and girls would be able to grow up securely loved and able to learn what it means to be a grown man or woman.  When the family is "re-defined" by those who would be "politically correct" God's purpose is lost and the whole society suffers for it.    

God created man to relate to and worship Him and only Him!  We have decided that the greatest good is to encourage men to worship anyone and anything they like.  Originally, Freedom of Religion was the freedom to worship God in the way you chose.  But now Freedom of Religion is the freedom to worship idols, pagan gods, or nothing at all.  God never declared that to be a thing of value!  Many religions have spawned much suffering in the world. 

When the Physician is in charge of your life, stopping the pain can be a wonderful thing, but when you are consuming pain killers to dull the pain of reality and truth, the end of your story is not likely to be a good one.  Like narcotics in the physical world, spiritual pain killers should be taken only if prescribed by the Great Physician!

There is one "over the counter" pain killer that God encourages everyone to take, and that pain killer is REPENTANCE!  When you change your ways, you will relieve yourself of much of the pain in this life.  That's also what we need as a nation.  When the United States repents of it's sin and turns back to God we will find cures for our ills.  If we do not, it may be that we are terminal as a nation.

Whether or not your nation turns to God as the Great Physician, you can and must do that yourself!  Their is no waiting list to see the Great Physician and you don't even need an appointment.

"Thank You Jesus for the pain that has turned my heart back to You!  May You be praised forever. Amen."

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