Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tust and Obey and Pray!



The Lord watches over

everyone who obeys him,

and he listens

to their prayers.

But he opposes everyone

who does evil.”

1 Peter 3:12

When you obey the Lord, you can be sure of two things.  You can be certain that God is watching over your life and that He will listen to your prayers.

When our grandchildren are visiting with their parents at our house the occasional cry for help from one of the children playing outside is monitored carefully by their mothers and fathers.  Even though my oldest son has seven children he or his wife can quickly determine which one of the kids is calling for help and whether or not the cry is a real emergency.  The same is true for all of my other children and my total of 22 grandchildren.  (Yes I am bragging about the number!)

God watches over my life and listens for my cry.  He knows whether or not my upset is something He needs to address immediately.  Only God knows my circumstances and my heart and everything that is going on in my life! 

But when you sin, you put yourself in the place of being opposed by God.  That is not where you want to be.   

So when you obey the Lord, then pray.  Perhaps the old song should say "Trust and Obey and Pray!" 

"Lord Jesus, show me how to obey You today.  Help me to obey in even little things throughout my day and remind me to pray!  Amen."

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