Friday, May 23, 2014

Free Will and Personal Choice!

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Sound the trumpet on Zion,

the Lord's sacred hill.

Warn everyone to tremble!

The judgment day of the Lord

is coming soon.

Joel 2:1

It may have been almost three thousand years ago that Joel wrote these words about the soon coming of the "judgment day of the Lord."  Doesn't that mean that his words were and are irrelevant?  Absolutely not!  God says that for Him a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day, so it can rightly be said that God inspired Joel to give this warning less than three days ago!

The truth is that the time of "Free Will and Personal Choice" when it comes to our response to God is coming to an end.  Life on this earth as a human being is a unique period for every man.  While you are here you can decide to live your life in opposition to the Will of God or you can choose to submit yourself to it.  After the judgment day of the Lord has come "Free Will," is not mentioned as an option!  Some have expressed it by saying there will be no second chance at salvation after you leave this earth! 

Turning your heart to Jesus is not like shopping for new clothes.  You can't say to God, "I don't like the offer You made with the sacrifice of Jesus, so what other good thing will You give me?"  Jesus is everything God has to offer and if you reject Him you reject it all!  There are no options when it comes to your Eternal Life.  It is either Jesus or Hell and right now as you read these words you have a choice.

By the way, your relationship with God through the Blood of Jesus has nothing to do with the approval of other people!  If you are "RIGHT WITH GOD" everyone else may think you have lost your mind.  Also all the "good folks" may think you are a wonderful Christian and yet you are headed for Hell!  The opinions of other people are totally irrelevant. The only thing that matters is that you have come to terms with God through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

"Lord Jesus, I choose You again today!  May I spend the hours of  this day doing Your Will.  And may You be Praised forever!  Amen."

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