Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wisdom Speaks!

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I am Wisdom—Common Sense

is my closest friend;

I possess knowledge

and sound judgment.


If you respect the Lord,

you will hate evil.

I hate pride and conceit

and deceitful lies.


I am strong, and I offer

sensible advice

and sound judgment.


By my power kings govern,

and rulers make laws

that are fair.


Every honest leader rules

with help from me.

Proverbs 8:12-16

The Bible does not teach that we should respect and tolerate "evil, pride, conceit and deceitful lies."  To tolerate evil is to abandon the Heart of God.  All true wisdom comes from God and anyone walking in rebellion to God is living in foolishness! 

I must confess that the world around me pulls me away from hating evil.  The "live and let live" philosophy combined with the Devil's definition of "Freedom" makes me look like an idiot if I express the mind of Christ and say that there is such a thing as "RIGHT AND WRONG!"  

Righteousness is not determined by a majority vote.  Just ask the people of Sodom how that worked out for them!  Opinion pollsters do not uncover truth.  Truth is a standard apart from the opinions of men. 

God is the standard for all truth!  The man who says "there is no God" is a fool.  What you think about God does not change the Truth of Who God is! 

In no more than one lifetime from right now everyone on earth will know for certain that God is the Creator of all there is and that Jesus Christ is Lord!  I pray that each day of the rest of your life will be one of letting your heart become like the Heart of Jesus.  May you love what He loves and hate what He hates!

"Lord Jesus, help me today to see evil around me as You see it.  Drain my heart of all the love of evil, and fill it with love for You!  May Your Wisdom speak through me this day.  Amen!"

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