Saturday, May 17, 2014

Falling in Love With Jesus!

“I invite the whole world

to turn to me and be saved.

I alone am God!

No others are real.


I have made a solemn promise,

one that won't be broken:

Everyone will bow down

and worship me.


They will admit that I alone

can bring about justice.

Everyone who is angry with me

will be terribly ashamed

and will turn to me.


I, the Lord, will give

victory and great honor

to the people of Israel.”

Isaiah 45:22-25

It is the Power of God that formed you in your mother's womb.  He is the Power behind the Creation of all life!  There is no living human being from Adam until today who is not the object of God's care and love!  He did not make you without purpose and design.  You may not be called like Moses to "deliver the people" from the bondage of Egypt, but you are called by God to turn to Him and be saved and to accomplish the works that He planned for you to do! 

There are those who interpret God's Word to say that even though He Created you, God never intended that you should turn to Him and be saved. They believe that there are only a few who have that privilege.   I suppose it is insensitive to say it this way, but they really believe that millions of people were created to be "firewood for Hell."

I believe that a "theology" like that was crafted for the purpose of relieving me of the responsibility of delivering God's message to the lost!  If men and women are not going to turn to God then why should I bother preaching the message of Christ to the masses? 

Here is a sobering thought.  Bring to your mind someone you know who stands in direct opposition to God and refuses to follow Jesus. Ask God to use you to bring him or her to faith in Jesus.  You can know for sure that one day they will fall down on their knees before the Lord and worship Him, as will every human being ever created.  Those who turn to Him while living on this earth will live with Him forever and those who do not will be separated from God forever!

The message is really quite simple.  "Jesus loves you and wants you to be in an Eternal love relationship with Him!  He even died to make that possible and He is ready right now to receive your love for Him!"

"Lord Jesus use me today to bring one more lost sinner to You!  Let Your love flow through me so I can touch another life with the thrill of falling in love with Jesus!  Amen."

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