Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ebola and the Blood of Jesus!

The Lord told Moses to get up early the next morning and say to the king:
The Lord God of the Hebrews commands you to let his people go, so they can worship him!   If you don't, he will send his worst plagues to strike you, your officials, and everyone else in your country. Then you will find out that no one can oppose the Lord.  In fact, he could already have sent a terrible disease and wiped you from the face of the earth.   But he has kept you alive, just to show you his power and to bring honor to himself everywhere in the world.
Exodus 9:13-16 (CEV)

The world is being confronted with what appears to be the largest Ebola outbreak since the disease was first identified in 1976 when more than 400 people died. The current report of Ebola deaths in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria is more than 700. So we all wait to see if the spread of the disease, which is fatal in at least half of the cases will be contained or will reach other parts of the world.

All disease comes as a result of the decision of man to rebel against God. If Adam and Eve had not sinned there would be no sickness. But as we live in this fallen world, God also provides wisdom for doctors to know how to use some of the substances He created as medicines to fight disease. All healing either comes from the miraculous intervention of God or the application of God's wisdom to man's sicknesses by doctors!

At this point we have not discovered a "medicine" that God created which will stop the Ebola Virus!

The prospect of a worldwide Ebola outbreak is frightening! Hundreds of millions could die and leave the rest in a world that has been pushed back to the Dark Ages!

But the world has already returned to the Dark Ages because of an OUTBREAK OF SIN! Unlike Ebola, Sin is always fatal unless the one sure cure is applied to the patient! The Blood of Jesus Christ is the only cure for Sin. And that cure works every time!

If you knew the cure for Ebola, you would be mobilized right now to spread the word! If you know Jesus Christ, then you know the cure for SIN! Spread the Word today about the Blood of Jesus!

"Lord Jesus, I do pray for those infected with the Ebola virus. Lord show us how You would have us put a halt to this deadly disease. But Lord, I also pray for those infected with Sin. Thank You Lord that Your Blood cures our SIN SICK lives! May You be praised forever. Amen."

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