Friday, August 29, 2014

Is the End Near?


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Look and be amazed

at what's happening

among the nations!

Even if you were told,

you would never believe

what's taking place now.

Habakkuk 1:5

Yes of course I am taking this verse "out of context."  But the principle is sound and extremely important at this time in history!  The nations of the world are in turmoil and distress.  The financial stability of the world is being questioned on every hand and may be on the brink of an unprecedented collapse.  Those who hold that Christianity is a false religion are multiplying as they seek to destroy all who call on the name of Jesus!  And leaders with common sense are rare!

It certainly seems that a major shift in the "world as we know it" is at hand.  Will this shift be the End of Days or just another major marker on the time line of history? 

We cannot know for sure where we stand in relation to the End, but we can know Jesus who stands at every point on the road that leads from the Garden of Eden through the Garden of Gethsemane to the Glories of Heaven!  

Two thousand years ago Jesus told His disciples that He was going away and that they could not go with Him at that time.  Then Jesus said "DON'T LET YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED!"  Still today, those words remind us that trusting Jesus is the only place of peace and rest, even when the world is falling apart!  When you are holding on to Jesus Christ even death cannot harm you.

"Lord Jesus, help me today to hold Your hand and to trust that no matter what happens in the world around me, or even to me, that all is well!  Jesus I long to see Your glorious face.  Come quickly, Lord.  Amen."

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