Thursday, August 14, 2014

Foolish National Leaders!


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A country is in for trouble

when its ruler is childish,

and its leaders

party all day long.

But a nation will prosper

when its ruler is mature,

and its leaders

don't party too much.

Ecclesiastes 10:16-17

There is a Bible verse that says that God looks on the heart of a man, not on what he appears to be on the outside.

Your national leaders may be impressive looking when they appear before the cameras, but if they are empty of the wisdom that comes from God you know that your country is in for trouble! The annals of history are filled with the stories of countries that crumbled and were ultimately destroyed because of the foolishness of their handsome and beautiful leaders!

The warning for you and for me is this: Don't be pulled out to sea by the rip currents of your unrighteous culture as you swim innocently near the shore! No matter how corrupt and evil a nation becomes, Godly men and women can remain faithful to God even if it means that they must give up their lives to do so! The Bible even mentions a special blessing for those who are killed in the Book of Revelation.

"Lord Jesus, my nation is not walking in the wisdom that can only come from You. We are turning ourselves over to corruption and sin and we need to repent! But Lord, even if my country continues to turn from righteousness, please hold me close to You and help me today to walk only in Your ways! May Your Holy Name be praised forever. Amen."

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