Monday, August 4, 2014

Must I Obey the King?


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Obey the rulers who have authority over you. Only God can give authority to anyone, and he puts these rulers in their places of power.  People who oppose the authorities are opposing what God has done, and they will be punished.  Rulers are a threat to evil people, not to good people. There is no need to be afraid of the authorities. Just do right, and they will praise you for it.  After all, they are God's servants, and it is their duty to help you.

If you do something wrong, you ought to be afraid, because these rulers have the right to punish you. They are God's servants who punish criminals to show how angry God is.

Romans 13:1-4 (CEV)

"God established" rulers are to be obeyed and they are a threat to evil people, not to good people! When God puts a ruler in power evil people are afraid because that ruler will punish evil and encourage right living!

So what do you do if a man calls himself a "ruler" but he is a threat to good people and he encourages evil? There are many who disagree with me on this, but I believe a man calling himself a ruler and exercising power ruthlessly is evidence that he was not put in power by God. God created all squirrels, but calling yourself a squirrel does not make you one!

Does God use evil men to accomplish His ultimate purposes? Of course, He does, but that does not mean that we must obey the unrighteous demands of an unrighteous impostor!

A God appointed leader will reflect the anger of God as he punishes criminals for their wrong doings. A God ordained ruler will not be feared by good men.

When the government makes laws that violate the clear Word of God we are obligated to refuse to obey those laws! It is not about the violation of our conscience and religious freedom. It is about the authority of God's Word and anyone who would oppose it! Obedience to God must come first in our lives.

Remember, on the Day of Judgment you will not stand before the President of your country or even the Supreme Court. On that Day you will stand before God Almighty and be judged by His Word alone!

"Lord Jesus, You are the only one to be obeyed and You are the only one to be feared! Give me the courage today to be true to Your Word no matter what the consequences. And may You be praised forever! Amen."

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