Monday, August 11, 2014

Terrible Times!


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You look forward to the day

when the Lord comes to judge.

But you are in for trouble!

It won't be a time of sunshine;

all will be darkness.


You will run from a lion,

only to meet a bear.

You will escape to your house,

rest your hand on the wall,

and be bitten by a snake.


The day when the Lord judges

will be dark, very dark,

without a ray of light.

Amos 5:18-20

Are you looking forward to the Day when the Lord comes to judge the world? I have heard many people say that they long for His coming and I have said that myself. But before He arrives it will be terrible!

It is like a soon to be mother who longs for the baby to arrive, but is not anxious to experience the labor pains that always come before birth. When our first baby arrived I lost all my joy about the coming child during the time my wife was in hard labor. Frankly, it was horrible!

As I write these words the world seems to be spiraling out of control. Turmoil and trouble are growing worse every day, all around the world! Darkness is growing and sunshine is fading fast. World leaders act like school children, playing a game while evil bullies are taking control.

My wife told me not to look at the pictures, but I did anyway. Children are being beheaded because their families are Christians. Men and women who will not renounce Christianity are being killed. And at this point the resistance to this murderous evil is weak at best.

As you experience the labor pains of the earth about to give birth to the return of Jesus Christ, don't give up hope! Remember that the Bible said this would happen before Jesus returns.

Here is something good you can do every morning when you wake from sleep! Turn your heart back to God! If you can think of any sins, confess them and repent as you turn your life even more firmly in His direction. The labor pains will be very difficult even for Christians, but after all is done, Jesus is Lord!

"Lord Jesus, help me to hold tightly to You as the terrible times come, if these are the days just before Your return! And may You be praised now and forever! Amen."

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