Thursday, August 21, 2014

Speak Only God’s Words About Israel!


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Balaam said:

“King Balak of Moab brought me

from the hills of Syria

to curse Israel

and announce its doom.


But I can't go against God!

He did not curse

or condemn Israel.


“From the mountain peaks,

I look down and see Israel,

the obedient people of God.


They are living alone in peace.

And though they are many,

they don't bother

the other nations.

“I hope to obey God

for as long as I live

and to die in such peace.”

Numbers 23:7-10 (CEV)

King Balak hired Balaam to pronounce a curse on Israel.  The whole story includes the episode of God giving Balaam's donkey the ability to see an Angel and to speak to Balaam about it.  Even though Balaam was not himself a Jew, he was determined only to speak the words that God gave him to speak.

Around the world today there are many people speaking words of condemnation for Israel.  And the number of people who are willing to bless Israel with their words seems to be growing smaller every day.  Even the United States has become very critical of Israel. 

Today, men and women of God are tempted to join the crowd in cursing Israel.  If you listen to or watch the international media, Israel is described as an "aggressor and occupier" instead of the victim of relentless terrorist attacks and missiles. 

Heed the warning of the story of Balaam.  Don't pronounce curses on Israel.  Only speak the words that God gives you to speak about Israel.  The description of Israel in Numbers 23:10 is still accurate today:

"They are living alone in peace.  And though they are many, they don't bother other nations."

"Lord Jesus help me today to speak only Your words about Israel, and yes Lord about everything else.  May my mouth be a place for You to use to speak the words that You desire others to hear!  And may You be praised forever. Amen."

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