Monday, November 26, 2012

Come Quickly!

I have a lot of enemies, LORD.

Many fight against me and say,

“God won't rescue you!”

But you are my shield,

and you give me victory

and great honor.

I pray to you, and you answer

from your sacred hill.

I sleep and wake up refreshed

because you, LORD,

protect me.

Ten thousand enemies attack

from every side,

but I am not afraid.

Come and save me, LORD God!

Break my enemies' jaws

and shatter their teeth,

because you protect

and bless your people.

Psalm 3:1-8

Do you need to be rescued from your enemies? Do you even have enemies?

Many Christians believe that we should live our lives so that no one would consider themselves an enemy. They think we should lure men and women to Jesus with the promise of wonderful and pleasant things and avoid any reference to the difficulties of a Christian life and especially the inevitable suffering!

The truth is this: Jesus told every follower of His to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all men. Some when they hear will also become His followers and others will become His enemies and yours!

But when you are faithful to Jesus the end of the story is this: Jesus will come and rescue you from your enemies.

I think the worst part of being stranded on a desert island would be the uncertainty of knowing whether or not anyone would ever come and rescue you. You could wish and hope, but you would never know for sure that help would someday arrive. Christians know that Jesus will come and rescue them from this desert island called "life on earth." No matter how bad it gets here all followers of Jesus can rest assured that the turmoil of this life will end and they will be ushered in to a glorious eternity with Jesus Christ.

"Lord Jesus, I thank you for the promise you made to come back and take Your followers to be with You forever. Come quickly, Lord! Amen."

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