Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pray for God’s Will!

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I love you, LORD God,

and you make me strong.

You are my mighty rock,

my fortress, my protector,

the rock where I am safe,

my shield, my powerful weapon,

and my place of shelter.

I praise you, LORD!

I prayed, and you rescued me

from my enemies.

Death had wrapped

its ropes around me,

and I was almost swallowed

by its flooding waters.

Ropes from the world

of the dead

had coiled around me,

and death had set a trap

in my path.

I was in terrible trouble

when I called out to you,

but from your temple

you heard me

and answered my prayer.

Psalm 18:1-6

When was the last time you were in terrible trouble? The problem had no obvious solution and you began to panic! You went to your trusted advisers and they could offer you no feasible way to solve the dilemma. You had prayed for wisdom and nothing changed. You didn't need wisdom, you needed a miracle to change the circumstances and you needed it soon!

And then you cast yourself on the mercy of God and prayed for Him to intervene in whatever way He saw would be best. And when the answer came it was even better than you had hoped.

Often we pray for God to do a specific thing, but the greater prayer is for God to do His will in our lives!

"Lord, do for me according to Your will, not mine. Bless me or afflict me as You see fit and as Your love for me dictates. And may Jesus be glorified! Amen!"

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