Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Next Divine Appointment!

The LORD All-Powerful

will destroy the power of death

and wipe away all tears.

No longer will his people

be insulted everywhere.

The LORD has spoken!

At that time, people will say,

“The LORD has saved us!

Let's celebrate.

We waited and hoped—

now our God is here.”

Isaiah 25:8-9

When that Day finally comes and the saved stand before the Throne of God will you have any regrets about how you lived this life? How could you be saved and still regret something you did here on earth? Doesn't the blood of Jesus cover all my sins? Yes of course it does, but consider this: I wonder about the opportunities that God arranged for me to share the love of Christ and the message of His Good News that I simply ignored. Certainly God can send someone else if I don't respond to the Spirit's leading, but what glorious things did I miss seeing because I was too tired, or too busy with this life?

Don't be satisfied with the assurance that when you die you will go to Heaven. Live this life looking each moment for the next divine appointment. Be ready to be God's instrument and messenger and look for His power and purpose in every situation of your day!

Nothing is more exciting than clearly seeing the Hand of God working in an otherwise ordinary encounter. Be ready and be willing to be used in God's plan for the day.

"Lord, send me today into the Battle for the Eternal destiny of men and women here on earth. Give me the courage and willingness to engage the Enemy as a true Soldier of Christ! Thank you Jesus. Amen."

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