Monday, June 23, 2014

Give the Truth Free Reign!



There is only one God,

and Christ Jesus

is the only one

who can bring us

to God.

Jesus was truly human,

and he gave himself

to rescue all of us.

1 Timothy 2:5

Contrary to popular opinion there are not "many roads to Heaven!" If God is your intended destination there is only one Way to get there. That Way is Jesus Christ!

You may say, "Oh my, you are being too narrow in your understanding of God and how to please Him!" But Jesus Himself said that the Way is narrow not broad. The key to pleasing God is in being obedient to His Word not in doing whatever you think might please Him! Cain tried that and it was an utter disaster!

Here is where I am impacted today by these Words! Unless I am "tolerant" of many religions today I am considered to be a bigot. And the word "tolerant" has come to mean active encouragement rather than just allowing something to exist.

God does not tolerate lies! Truth is not kind and gentle to falsehood! When there is no truth in your life, there is no "Jesus" in your heart. Jesus defeated Satan, who is the father of lies and you must not live with Satan's children in your heart and coming out of your mouth!

As an American, the public and quite obvious lies of our leaders is very troubling to my heart and I believe is a sign of terrible things to come! But more troubling are the lies that I am tempted to say and embrace every day.

Give the Truth free reign in your heart. Hold on to the Truth and let go of every falsehood! Be willing to suffer the consequences of insisting that you will only walk with Jesus through this life. You will never, ever regret it!

"Lord Jesus, You are the only way to Heaven! Guard my steps today that they all will be on the Road of Life with You! And may You be praise forever! Amen."

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