Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Young With Jesus Forever!



The Scriptures say,

“Humans wither like grass,

and their glory fades

like wild flowers.

Grass dries up,

and flowers fall

to the ground.

But what the Lord has said

will stand forever.”

Our good news to you is what the Lord has said.

1 Peter 1:24-25


If you live long enough you will get old! You muscles will get weaker, your skin will wrinkle and probably your hair will turn white or fall out. "Humans wither like grass, and their glory fades like wild flowers." Much of the western world tries to deny those truths and even manipulate your body so that it appears you are not aging. But if you don't die, you will get old and if that process goes on long enough you will get very old!

I was a young man when I first noticed the "joy of an aging Christian." From the perspective of a twenty year old, it seemed that being "very old" would not be something that would make you happy. But you will see them in almost every church, nursing home and anywhere the "elderly" can be found. You look at wrinkled faces but there is great joy sparkling out of their eyes! That joy comes from what the Lord has said!

You arrive at a point in life where your health is failing you, your finances are being depleted, your friends are dying off, and the future of this earth looks grim at best, but the "WORD OF THE LORD" never changes and His promises are as sure as the sunrise every morning! The HEAVEN WORDS in the Bible become "soon coming prospects," and the promises of the end of suffering, pain and sorrow take hold of your hope!

And you can do all this because you have settled the struggle of a young heart that is tempted to follow the ways of the world. The world is trying to deceive you into thinking that you can be young again here on earth, but because of God's Word you can be sure that you will be young again in Heaven! That is the reason for the joy in your eyes and the smile on your face!

"Lord Jesus, I once was young but now I am old! I do want to be young again, but not on this earth! And so I wait with joy for when You come or I go to be young with You forever! Amen."

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