Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Bible or Science?

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God did not forget about Noah and the animals with him in the boat. So God made a wind blow, and the water started going down.  God stopped up the places where the water had been gushing out from under the earth. He also closed up the sky, and the rain stopped.  For 150 days the water slowly went down.  Then on the seventeenth day of the seventh month of the year, the boat came to rest somewhere in the Ararat mountains.

Genesis 8:1-4

An amazing "discovery" is beginning to make it's rounds in the scientific world. There is evidence that may show that deep inside the earth there is as much water or more than all the water in the oceans! Of course, that means that the Flood in Noah's day was perfectly possible and the way the Bible says it happened makes sense.

Do you wait for "science" to confirm the Bible before you accept what it says? If that is what you do, then to which do you give the most respect, science or the Bible? I believe that many "God fearing" people question the Bible but not science. When we rejoice that the scientific community has established that what the Bible says is true, I think we should be ashamed! We should rather rejoice that those who study science have finally come to believe what we have known all along to be true because it is plainly stated in the Bible!

The Word of God never changes, but those who study the physical world and how it works are always coming up with new theories about how it works. When you believe what the Bible says about everything, the scientific world will think you are wrong about many things because they have not yet "discovered" them!

"Lord Jesus everything You say is true! Help me today to believe You and Your Word above everyone else! And may You be praised forever! Amen."

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