Monday, June 16, 2014

What Does the Thunder Say?


The people were stubborn, and something still keeps them from seeing the truth when the Law is read. Only Christ can take away the covering that keeps them from seeing.

When the Law of Moses is read, they have their minds covered over with a covering that is removed only for those who turn to the Lord.  The Lord and the Spirit are one and the same, and the Lord's Spirit sets us free.

2 Corinthians 3:14-17

The Word of God is like a thunder clap for those whose hearts are not turned toward Jesus Christ!  Thunder makes a lot of noise, but the "meaning" of the thunder is hidden and known only to God and those to whom He reveals it. 

Everyone sees the power of God working in the world, but only those who believe in Jesus know what is really happening!

Should Christians watch and listen to the NEWS?  Oh yes!  Should followers of Jesus despair because of what they see happening in the world?  Oh no!  Almighty God is using everything that happens to craft His purposes in the world.  He uses the good things and He uses the evil to move the world toward the conclusion that He has planned! 

An amazing truth about walking with Jesus is that we can rejoice while the storm rages around us, and while our very lives are threatened by the enemies of God.  We can sleep peacefully like a baby in his mother's arms and know for certain that "all is well!" 

So when you hear the thunder in this world, ask God to let you know what He is saying!  The better you know the Lord the more you will hear His voice and you will hear the thunder less.

"Lord Jesus, I am hearing the thunder today and I don't know what it means.  Please let me understand what You are saying in this world that sounds to so many like noise and thunder!  Praise Your Holy Name!  Amen."

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