Sunday, June 29, 2014

No One Will Praise Him!



I once saw everyone in the world follow a young leader who came to power after the king was gone.   His followers could not even be counted. But years from now, no one will praise him—this makes no more sense than chasing the wind.

Ecclesiastes 4:15-16

I wonder how many times in world history there has been a young leader who was universally praised when he came to power, but after his time of "leadership" no one praised him? It has happened and without a doubt will happen again.

This is the flaw in popular elections. When uninformed people vote they make uninformed decisions. When foolish people vote they elect "fools" to rule them. When evil people vote they choose evil people to rule over them! A righteous nation comes from "righteous people" electing "righteous people" to serve as their leaders. It is not the process that makes the government a good one. It is the people!

If you live in a country that elects it's leaders with a popular vote and the government is corrupt, the problem is not with the government or it's leaders. The problem is with the people. If the people change, they will change the government. If the people grow more and more evil, so will their government. Bad government or a bad leader is a symptom of a population that is not living as it should!

If you live under a totalitarian rule and citizens do not have the right to choose leaders then you can rejoice in knowing that God Himself is your guardian and protector. But if you live in a country where the people choose the leaders pray for revival so that the election process will reflect a people who have turned their hearts to God!

"Lord Jesus, I thank You that Your sweet love and eternal protection is available to all Your followers. Give me the courage and strength to follow only You and not give my allegiance to an evil king! Praise Your Name forever. Amen."

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