Thursday, July 30, 2015

Leaders Tell Lies!

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The two kings will meet around a table and tell evil lies to each other. But their plans will fail, because God has already decided what will happen.   Then the king of the north will return to his country with great treasures. But on the way, he will attack the religion of God's people and do whatever else he pleases.
Daniel 11:27-28

If your country has leaders who tell lies to each other and even lie to other countries, you can take heart by reading these verses!  It is very distressing to live in a land where lying has become the normal state of communication.  Political leaders are not even embarrassed when the evening news plays video clips of them boldly contradicting themselves over and over again! 

It reminds me of a bunch of small children trying to impress each other by "making up" stories that have no basis in truth. 

These lying leaders will even attack those who worship God!  But you can be sure that "their plans will fail!"  You see the struggle on this earth is not a conflict between "good and evil."  It is rather a battle between God and those who oppose Him.  "Good" can be defeated, but God cannot!  Good works may be overcome with evil, but God will never lose to Satan!

Make sure that you are committed to God through His Son Jesus Christ and not just committed to "doing good works."  Lying leaders can crush the good works you might do, but they can never defeat the God of Heaven who has called you to serve and worship Him.

"Lord Jesus, You are the Truth and the only Truth.  No lies of men can overcome You.  Strengthen my heart so that I will not fear those who lie and try to lead me in the paths of unrighteousness.  May You be praised forever.  Amen."

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