Friday, July 31, 2015

Suffering Will End!

Daniel wrote:I looked around and saw two other people—one on this side of the river and one on the other side.   The angel who had spoken to me was dressed in linen and was standing upstream from them. So one of the two beside the river asked him, “How long before these amazing things happen?”   The angel then raised both hands toward heaven and said, “In the name of the God who lives forever, I solemnly promise that it will be a time, two times, and half a time. Everything will be over, when the suffering of God's holy people comes to an end.”
Daniel 12:5-7
The suffering of God's holy people will come to an end! That simple and yet profound truth stands at the door of an Eternity of Bliss for all those who come to faith in Jesus Christ!

Today there are many, many drugs that we call "pain killers." They are designed to eliminate the pain and suffering that comes with injuries and all kinds of chronic physical problems. But taking away the pain without dealing with the underlying problem that is causing the pain will only make matters worse down the road.

God takes away the pain from His followers by permanently addressing the problem that is causing the pain. The issue is sin and it's consequences. Pain and suffering came to this world because of sin, and it will be ultimately eliminated because sin will have no more free reign!

A person who goes to the doctor just to get rid of the pain can easily become addicted to pain killers! If you seek to follow Jesus just to get rid of the pain and suffering of this life you will be disappointed. Even as a follower of Jesus you will suffer here on this earth. The end of suffering and pain will come when you stand before the Throne of God in Heaven and fall down praising His Holy Name with all the Angels!

"Lord Jesus, give me the strength to stand firm even while I suffer here on this earth like You did. And Lord I do look forward to that Day when I stand before You in Heaven where there will be no more suffering and pain! May You be praised forever. Amen."

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