Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Day the Wait is Over!

Click here to listen to blogThe Lord All-Powerfulwill destroy the power of deathand wipe away all tears.No longer will his peoplebe insulted everywhere.The Lord has spoken!At that time, people will say,“The Lord has saved us!Let's celebrate.We waited and hoped—now our God is here.”Isaiah 25:8-9
There will come a day when the wait for the return of Jesus will be over!  It will terrify those who have spent their lives in opposition to Him and it will "glorify" those who have walked with Jesus before His return!  In the twinkling of an eye everyone will know for certain that Jesus is Lord and that God's Word was and is true!When you prepare for the return of a loved one from service in the military, the anticipation grows until that day when all your hopes come true!  You work hard to prepare for that day because the one you love is coming!  You may have seen the videos of soldiers returning from war and surprising those they love with their unexpected arrival!  In some ways that is what it will be like when Jesus returns!  We know He is coming, but we don't know when.  Then suddenly, Jesus will return and Eternity with Him will begin!The only thing that truly matters in this life is this: Are you ready to meet Jesus when He comes?"Lord Jesus, help me to be ready for Your return today!  And when You come may I be found waiting for You and trusting You in everything!  Praise Your Holy Name.  Amen."

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