Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Red Sea Roadblock!

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When the king of Egypt heard that the Israelites had finally left, he and his officials changed their minds and said, “Look what we have done! We let them get away, and they will no longer be our slaves.”  The king got his war chariot and army ready.  He commanded his officers in charge of his 600 best chariots and all his other chariots to start after the Israelites.  The Lord made the king so stubborn that he went after them, while the Israelites proudly went on their way.  But the king's horses and chariots and soldiers caught up with them while they were camping by the Red Sea near Pi-Hahiroth and Baal-Zephon.  When the Israelites saw the king coming with his army, they were frightened and begged the Lord for help.

Exodus 14:5-10

Even Moses looked at the Red Sea and was discouraged by the road block to the Promised Land that seemed to spell certain defeat. 

The powerful Arm of the Lord had brought the Children of Israel out of Egypt!  They had seen miracle after miracle force the Egyptians to give in to the request to “Let My People Go!”  But there it was.  The Red Sea signaled the end of escape from Egypt and slavery!  Like the Cross of Jesus, the Red Sea was a confrontation with a human impossibility!
In your journey from slavery to the Promised Land have you come to the Red Sea?  Has your joyful journey brought you up to the Dead End of Despair and Discouragement?   

When you turned everything over to Jesus in your life there were daily confirmations of His love and mercy.  It was a “miracle a day” ride with seemingly no bumps in the road.  But then you came to the Red Sea.  It is too deep to wade across and too wide to swim.  When you look back you see the Hordes of Hell closing in fast!  There is literally nothing you can do.  If you are to be saved it will be by God’s power alone and nothing that you can even imagine doing will prevent your eternal demise!
Remember: The shore of the Red Sea is where you learn to trust God for the impossible.  When you stand on the banks of the Red Sea and your despair turns to Praise as you lift your arms to Jesus and raise your voice in a shout of victory, you will see the waters part and the path to the Promised Land become clear!
“Lord Jesus, I am standing today at the Red Sea in my life.  May the wind of Your Spirit separate the waters and show me the way to the Promised Land beyond the Sea!  And may You be Praised forever.  Amen.”

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