Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Panic or Praise?

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In a vision one night, Daniel was shown the dream and its meaning. Then he praised the God who rules from heaven:  “Our God, your name will be praised forever and forever.You are all-powerful, and you know everything.  You control human events—you give rulers their power and take it away, and you are the source of wisdom and knowledge.  “You explain deep mysteries, because even the dark is light to you.  You are the God who was worshiped by my ancestors.  Now I thank you and praise you for making me wise and telling me the king's dream, together with its meaning.”
Daniel 2:19-23

I saw a sign in front of a church building the other day which said "Things are not falling apart, they are falling in place!" 

There is great chaos in the world today.  The "super powers" are walking close to the place where they can fall off the edge into World War III!  Terror is everywhere.  Foolish leaders seem to be in the majority in today's world.  And without miraculous intervention it seems certain that "The End is Near."  And you can come to that conclusion without ever knowing about what the Bible says about the time of the end.

Truthfully, things are falling apart in the world today, but they are also lining up for the return of Jesus Christ and the time when He sets everything straight!   So when you look around and find that your heart is tempted to panic then choose to exchange your panic for praise. The Bible clearly says that just before Jesus returns the world will be a very dark place with trouble like never before.  Without the hope of the return of Jesus Christ and the personal assurance that you belong to Him panic would indeed be appropriate today.  But with Jesus in your heart PRAISE is the best response to everything you see.  Praise God the Father, Praise God the Son and Praise God the Holy Spirit!  Remember the End of this world will be the Beginning of Eternity!

"Lord Jesus, I praise You again today in the midst of a very dark and frightening world for those who do not know You.  But I know You and I know that You are coming again soon to rescue those who are waiting for that Day!  May You be praised forever.  Amen."

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