Thursday, November 26, 2015

Word of God or Ways of Men?

I saw another angel come from heaven. This one had great power, and the earth was bright because of his glory.  The angel shouted,“Fallen! Powerful Babylon has fallen and is now the home of demons. It is the den of every filthy spirit and of all unclean birds, and every dirty and hated animal.

Babylon's evil and immoral wine
has made all nations drunk. Every king on earth has slept with her, and every merchant on earth is rich because of her evil desires.”

Then I heard another voice
from heaven shout, “My people, you must escape from Babylon. Don't take part in her sins and share her punishment.

Her sins are piled
as high as heaven. God has remembered the evil she has done.

Treat her as she
has treated others. Make her pay double for what she has done. Make her drink twice as much of what she mixed for others.

That woman honored herself
with a life of luxury.  Reward her now with suffering and pain.“Deep in her heart Babylon said, ‘I am the queen! Never will I be a widow or know what it means to be sad.’ And so, in a single day she will suffer the pain of sorrow, hunger, and death. Fire will destroy her dead body, because her judge is the powerful Lord God.”
Revelation 18:1-8

What makes something a sin? If a whole nation, or even the whole world were to vote and decide that a certain thing will not be illegal and consequently is not a sin, would all those who did that thing then be justified before God?

Absolutely not! The standard for whether or not something is a sin has nothing to do with a "democratic" vote of the people. Sin is sin because God says it is! God's opinion about a matter determines the sinfulness of any action.


You may be a model citizen and have a great reputation with all your fellow citizens and still stand guilty before God of great sin. These verses indicate that there are "national sins" that offend God, but seemingly no one else cares. That is why the "Word of God" must be the standard for your life instead of the "Ways of Men."

As you read the Bible pray that God will show you His ways and how you can please Him in everything that you do. And continually compare your own culture to the Word of God to see if there is anything in your country that is pleasing to men, but offensive to God!

"Lord Jesus, help me to see the things in my life that I must leave behind as I follow You. And may You be praised forever. Amen."

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