Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Joy of Heaven!

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Fig trees may no longer bloom,

or vineyards produce grapes;

olive trees may be fruitless,

and harvest time a failure;

sheep pens may be empty,

and cattle stalls vacant—

but I will still celebrate

because the Lord God

is my Savior.


The Lord gives me strength.

He makes my feet as sure

as those of a deer,

and he helps me stand

on the mountains.

Habakkuk 3:17-19

We carefully teach our children to rejoice and celebrate because of the way God blesses them! And it is good to be grateful to God for all His blessings, but there is a deeper truth that followers of Jesus Christ must learn.

Those who have given their hearts to God always have a reason to celebrate! Even in the depths of sickness, death and human tragedies the real justification for celebration is not touched.

When Jesus hung on the Cross He provided the permanent solution for every human despair. The ravages of Satan and of sin do not ascend to Heaven when we leave here. No suffering here on earth transfers to Heaven. And no joy on this earth even comes close to the Eternal Joy of Heaven!

Let today be a day of celebration in your life, even if all around you is pain and suffering and human tragedies of Olympic proportions. Let your joy come straight from Heaven and your celebration be fueled by the fire of God Himself!

"Lord Jesus open my eyes and ears and heart to the joys of knowing You and of the celebration that is going on right now in Heaven! Come quickly, Lord Jesus! Amen."

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