Sunday, February 23, 2014

There’s a Great Day Coming!


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A good road will be there,

and it will be named

“God's Sacred Highway.”

It will be for God's people;

no one unfit to worship God

will walk on that road.

And no fools can travel

on that highway.


No lions or other wild animals

will come near that road;

only those the Lord has saved

will travel there.


The people the Lord has rescued

will come back singing

as they enter Zion.

Happiness will be a crown

everyone will always wear.

They will celebrate and shout

because all sorrows and worries

will be gone far away.

Isaiah 35:8-10

The road here on earth as we travel through this life is very hard. Sorrows and worries and pain are all part of the journey. I have never met a man or woman who has not suffered while living here on earth.

Thank God that this life and the road we travel here on earth is not the end of the story! If it were there would indeed be no hope for the future.

These words delivered to us through the prophet Isaiah so many years ago are a reminder that we can and should get excited about the future those who are saved will have in Heaven! I especially like the line that says "Happiness will be a crown everyone will always wear." Just imagine that everyone you meet every day is happy. No one is worried or hurting or sick and no one ever has a "complaint."

Also imagine a world where there are no seat belts to keep you safe and no warnings about things that might hurt you. Ponder a place where no one ever gets sick and doctors are not needed. And I think the one that I find most appealing is that Heaven is a place where every word that is spoken is true! Truth will not be a goal. Truth will be the very air we breath in Heaven.

"Lord Jesus, I want to be even more excited about the prospect of Heaven. Work in my mind and heart today and help me think about what it will be like when that GREAT DAY comes! Praise Your Name now and forevermore. Amen."

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