Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When I Become Like Jesus


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Our God, we thank you

for being so near to us!

Everyone celebrates

your wonderful deeds.


You have set a time

to judge with fairness.


The earth trembles,

and its people shake;

you alone keep

its foundations firm.


You tell every bragger,

“Stop bragging!”

And to the wicked you say,

“Don't boast of your power!


Stop bragging! Quit telling me

how great you are.”


Our Lord and our God,

victory doesn't come

from the east or the west

or from the desert.


You are the one who judges.

You can take away power

and give it to others.


You hold in your hand

a cup filled with wine,

strong and foaming.

You will pour out some

for every sinful person

on this earth,

and they will have to drink

until it is gone.


But I will always tell about

you, the God of Jacob,

and I will sing your praise.


Our Lord, you will destroy

the power of evil people,

but you will give strength

to those who are good.

Psalm 75:1-10

Do you get angry at evil people? Does it make you mad that wickedness flourishes in so many places on earth today? Do you want to go to war against injustice and discrimination? So many people today are like a doctor who accurately diagnoses the disease, but prescribes the wrong medicine. They see the evils of this world and work diligently to make them "illegal!" The problem with that solution is that "Evil" does not obey the "Law."

Then in frustration and the belief that "The End Justifies the Means" they seek to destroy those who are evil. Isn't that what God ultimately does? Well of course it is, but until that Judgment Day comes God has another solution, and it is our job to pursue it.

When an evil man or woman meets Jesus Christ and decides to follow Him, his past sins are wiped away and he loses his desire to keep on sinning. Evil is defeated as one sinner at a time is changed into the likeness of Jesus Christ. Delivering that message of radical change is the "mission" of every follower of Jesus.

When I become like Jesus there is no room for the wickedness that used to occupy my heart. When I become like Jesus my thoughts become like the thoughts of God and my greatest delight is seeing the Blood of Jesus wash another sinner and spread the joy of knowing Him!

"Lord Jesus, thank You for letting me engage in the battle against wickedness and evil by spreading the Good News that every man and woman alive today can become like You. Let me tell someone today of Your great love and the joy of knowing You. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Amen!"

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