Thursday, April 3, 2014

Changed Fundamentally!

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Some time later, God spoke to Azariah son of Oded.  At once, Azariah went to Asa and said:

Listen to me, King Asa and you people of Judah and Benjamin. The Lord will be with you and help you, as long as you obey and worship him. But if you disobey him, he will desert you.

For a long time, the people of Israel did not worship the true God or listen to priests who could teach them about God. They refused to obey God's Law.  But whenever trouble came, Israel turned back to the Lord their God and worshiped him.

There was so much confusion in those days that it wasn't safe to go anywhere in Israel.  Nations were destroying each other, and cities were wiping out other cities, because God was causing trouble and unrest everywhere.

So you must be brave. Don't give up! God will honor you for obeying him.

2 Chronicles 15:1-7

The way back to peace and prosperity as a nation is not through tolerance and environmentalism. I want to speak here directly to the United States of America. We were established on Biblical principles and with the recognition that God Himself was necessary to our success. As we, sometimes imperfectly sailed the Ship of State over these past two hundred plus years we declared that we trust in God on our money and pledged our allegiance to the flag of "one nation under God!" And we prospered! Oh my did we prosper! Our money became the world's standard currency and people flocked to our shores for a "better life." If someone made up the story of the United States of America you would not believe it because it was too fantastic.

But then, we decided to take the glory for our prosperity instead of giving it to God. We came to believe that "democracy" was the secret to our success instead of a nation submitted to God which was then blessed by the Creator for it's obedience to His Word! We drank deeply from the pleasures of this world and passed out in a drunken stupor. We sleep soundly, if not peacefully while our leaders rip from our history the God who made us great! The leaders lie, cheat and steal and we only rouse enough to turn over and go back to sleep!

Like a family sleeping in a burning house we will all be lost unless someone wakes up and sounds the alarm. If you don't know where to start, perhaps you should go see the movie "God is Not Dead."

"Lord Jesus, I have been sleeping with the rest of my nation while we turn away from You and Your Word. Jesus, I ask You to wake us up so we can see the sin which has changed our hearts and our nation fundamentally. And Lord show us how to put You back on the throne of our hearts and yes our nation as well. And may You be praised forever. Amen."

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