Thursday, April 10, 2014

Understand the Times!

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The numbers of the armed troops who came to David at Hebron to turn Saul’s kingdom over to him,according to the Lord’s word, were as follows:

From the Judahites: 6,800 armed troops bearing shields and spears.

From the Simeonites: 7,100 brave warriors ready for war.

From the Levites: 4,600 in addition to Jehoiada, leader of the house of Aaron, with 3,700 men; and Zadok, a young brave warrior, with 22 commanders from his own ancestral house.

From the Benjaminites, the relatives of Saul:3,000 (up to that time the majority of the Benjaminites maintained their allegiance to the house of Saul).

From the Ephraimites: 20,800 brave warriors who were famous men in their ancestral houses.

From half the tribe of Manasseh: 18,000 designated by name to come and make David king.

From the Issacharites, who understood the timesand knew what Israel should do: 200 chiefs with all their relatives under their command.

1 Chronicles 12:23-32

What a remarkable statement about these 200 men from Issachar.  They understood  the times and knew what Israel should do!  If I had been alive and was one of those who came to make David King, then I would liked to have been among those who "understood the times and knew what Israel should do."

There is a great temptation for me to ignore what is going on in the world.  There is so much trouble, pain and sorrow, not to mention all the wickedness!  I just want to pretend that "all is well" and everything on earth will just go smoothly on, at least for the rest of my life!  But today there is talk of "global calamity" and plenty of reason to believe that trouble of unimaginable proportions may come to the earth and may come quickly.  World wide economies teeter on the brink of collapse and drums of war are beginning to beat with an alarming rhythm. 

Back during the days of King David the men from  Issachar knew what Israel should do, and so should the people of God today understand the times and  know what Christians should do! 

Do not close your eyes to what is happening in this evil world.  The truth is that God is working in hearts and minds around the world.  God is calling men to Himself in amazing ways.  Even some of the most hardened hearts are being confronted with Jesus Christ like
Saul was on the road to Damascus.  Yes the darkness is great, but the LIGHT of Jesus is shining in that darkness. 

"Lord Jesus, help me to understand the times and see the light that You are shining in the darkness of this world!  And Jesus help me to know what to do today to be a part of Your work in this world.  Take my hand and rest it on Your plow as You break up the hearts of men.  We will praise Your Name, Jesus forever! Amen."

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