Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The First Blood Moon!

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I will work wonders

in the sky above

and on the earth below.

There will be blood and fire

and clouds of smoke.

The sun will turn dark,

and the moon

will be as red as blood

before that great

and terrible day

when I appear.

Joel 2:30-31

Today is the day of the first of four "Blood Moons."  These are times when the earth completely blocks the light from the sun and the moon turns blood red.  If there were no clouds in the sky I could be watching it right now at just past 3 A.M.  Instead I am watching it on a live internet feed from Griffith Observatory in California.

There are many who believe these Blood Moons are part of  the "final fulfillment" of the prophecies in Joel.  Is that possible?  Well of course it is, but even though there is much happening in the world today that tells us the coming of Jesus may be very soon, we do not know the "Day or the Hour" of His return.  I suppose in Days of Noah you could be pretty certain that a flood was coming when you saw the Ark and the preparations of Noah and his family, but no one knew when the rain would start and when the Ark would lift off of the ground for it's journey into the "New World."

In today's world Jesus Himself is the Ark.  When He comes Jesus will lift you off of the ground and take you with Him to the Eternal New World in Heaven!  If you are in the Ark nothing can harm you when the flood comes! If you are not in the Ark nothing can save you. 

There is only one thing that is essential for your life today.  That one thing is this: Stay in Christ.  Never set even one foot outside of Him.  Cling tightly to Jesus and trust Him as the storm rages.  When turmoil in the world reaches a fever pitch you will know one thing for certain.  This will either be the time that Jesus will come or you will go.  But either way you will be with Jesus forever! 

"Lord Jesus, I see signs of Your coming that may indeed be the ones that the Bible tells us about.  But Jesus I know that either You will come soon or I will go soon to be with You.  Life on this earth is so short for every man, but life with You in Heaven will never, ever end!  May all Glory and Honor and Praise be given to You, Lord Jesus. Amen."

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