Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Tears in God’s Bottle!


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You have kept record

of my days of wandering.

You have stored my tears

in your bottle

and counted each of them.

Psalm 56:8

One dictionary definition of wandering is "traveling aimlessly from place to place." You may not have kept a diary of your aimless travels in this life, but God has a record of all of it. God has watched you plod from day to weary day not having any specific purpose. You have felt like and even told yourself that God doesn't care about your life, but you could not be more mistaken.

God has not only kept a record of your wandering, but He has also counted your tears and put them in His bottle! If God were to do a "Spring Cleaning" of Heaven, He would not throw out the bottle that holds your tears. God not only keeps those tears of sadness, pain and sorrow, but He can recall everything that brought them forth from your eyes!

You may look back at your "wasted years" and think that since you ignored God, He ignored you. Such is not the case. God watched my wandering and He even put my tears in His bottle. The first line of a song which was popular a number of years ago, perhaps said it best: "He was there all the time!"

God is as close to you in your rebellion as He is in your faithfulness. When you ignore God, He does not ignore you. And since God is everywhere, when you run away from Him, you put no distance between God and yourself. God is there when you wander and He is there when you cry!

If you are wandering away from God, remember that He is recording every aimless step you take. And if you are overcome with sorrow, pain and suffering never forget that every tear you shed is counted and stored in God's bottle.

"Lord Jesus, how wonderful it is to know that You have kept record of all my wanderings and have put all my tears in Your bottle. Your love for me is too wonderful to understand. May my love for You grow more every day, until that Day comes when I see Your face and fall down forever in Your presence. Amen."

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