Monday, April 7, 2014

Government is Not God!

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You have looked deep

into my heart, Lord,

and you know all about me.


You know when I am resting

or when I am working,

and from heaven

you discover my thoughts.


You notice everything I do

and everywhere I go.


Before I even speak a word,

you know what I will say,

and with your powerful arm

you protect me

from every side.


I can't understand all of this!

Such wonderful knowledge

is far above me.

Psalm 139:1-6

There is a great controversy today about how much personal information is gathered by intelligence agencies. You are probably aware that your government knows things about your life that would you wish they didn't know. I am sure you believe that political positions and personal preferences are not the business of government.

But what about God? God knows not just more about me than anyone else. God knows everything about me. God looks deep into my heart. He knows what I am doing all day long. He even knows the contents of my dreams at night. Now here is where it gets really amazing - God knows what I am going to say before I say it! There is nothing that I can tell God, that He does not already know! And don't forget that God protects me with His powerful arm! I have no way of knowing how many times a day God saves my life!

When a government decides to be "God" in your life, it must start by finding out everything about you. Then it can try to step in to the role of being your protector. It can "keep you from harm," even from harming yourself. So the government makes lots of laws and rules to control your life.

God however is not like government. God knows everything about you, but still lets you have complete freedom. God does protect you, but He gives you the right to choose Him or not. God does not want you to be His slave, but rather God desires that you be His LOVED ONE! When God is in control of your life, your Master is the one who gave His life for you! That is impossible to understand!

"Lord Jesus, I cannot understand the love that You have for me. It is truly far above me and too wonderful for me to even imagine. Lord, Jesus You even knew that I was going to speak these words. May You reign forever and ever. Amen!"

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