Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nothing but the Blood!

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Has anyone believed us

or seen the mighty power

of the Lord in action?


Like a young plant or a root

that sprouts in dry ground,

the servant grew up

obeying the Lord.

He wasn't some handsome king.

Nothing about the way he looked

made him attractive to us.


He was hated and rejected;

his life was filled with sorrow

and terrible suffering.

No one wanted to look at him.

We despised him and said,

“He is a nobody!”


He suffered and endured

great pain for us,

but we thought his suffering

was punishment from God.


He was wounded and crushed

because of our sins;

by taking our punishment,

he made us completely well.


All of us were like sheep

that had wandered off.

We had each gone our own way,

but the Lord gave him

the punishment we deserved.

Isaiah 53:1-6

It is so easy to believe that my "good life" qualifies me for Heaven.  It does not!  Nothing I do or even could do on this earth makes me suited for Eternal Bliss with Jesus!  It is human vanity and false pride that lures me into believing that I can stand justified before God because of my "good deeds."

Does that mean that I should ignore doing good things?  Of course not!  If I am a follower of Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit I will do the things that Jesus did and I will walk the path which is prompted by the Spirit.  But even those things will not and cannot forgive my sin.  My sin is forgiven because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross and nothing else!   Do you remember the old song which asks the question "What can wash away my sin?" And the answer comes "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus!"

Every man will be judged by the Blood of Jesus.  If a man is "covered" by the Blood of Jesus he will be saved.  If He is not covered by the Blood then he will stand guilty before the Lord and receive the just punishment for his sins! 

Satan wants me to add my own righteousness to the requirements for my salvation.  The Devil wants me to believe that a "good life" is the thing that puts me over the top and makes the difference when it comes to whether or not I will go to Heaven when I die!  The truth is this: I live a "good life" because I am saved, not in order to be saved!

"Lord Jesus, Your death on the Cross is why I can expect to live with You forever.  You paid the full price for my sins.  I can only stand before God robed in Your righteousness.  And may that Day come soon!  I praise You now and I will praise You forever! Amen."

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