Thursday, January 22, 2015

All I Have is All Jesus Needs!

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When Jesus got out of the boat, he saw the large crowd. He felt sorry for them and healed everyone who was sick.

That evening the disciples came to Jesus and said, “This place is like a desert, and it is already late. Let the crowds leave, so they can go to the villages and buy some food.”

Jesus replied, “They don’t have to leave. Why don’t you give them something to eat?”

But they said, “We have only five small loaves of bread and two fish.”   Jesus asked his disciples to bring the food to him,   and he told the crowd to sit down on the grass. Jesus took the five loaves and the two fish. He looked up toward heaven and blessed the food. Then he broke the bread and handed it to his disciples, and they gave it to the people.

Matthew 14:14-19

It was "tradition" in my childhood home that before each meal we would "give thanks" for the food.  But sometimes that, usually short prayer was referred to as "saying the blessing."  I never even stopped to think about the fact that there was a difference in those two things.

Giving thanks is appropriate and necessary as we daily consume the things that God has provided on this earth to sustain our lives.  "Saying the Blessing" is what Jesus did over the five loaves and two fish before using them to satisfy the hunger of 5,000 people! 

So here is a thought to ponder.  Instead of trying to accumulate a lot of things or even money so that you can "do God's will," perhaps you need to consider asking God to bless the little you have.  If Jesus can feed 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish, imagine what he could do with what you have!  Remember God is not limited to a 5000 to 1 ratio of blessings, but even at that rate the ten dollars you give to Jesus would be worth $50,000!  If you had a hundred dollars Jesus could bless it to be worth a half a million!  And if you were really "well to do" and could present Jesus with a thousand dollars it would be worth Five Million dollars in real value!

So when you see a need around you, do this: Ask yourself how much you have available to fulfill that need and take it to Jesus!  Then prepare yourself to see a miracle!

"Lord Jesus, I bring You what I have so that You can multiply it in ministering to the needs of others.  Lord, all I have is all You need to bless the world around me!  And may You be praised forever.  Amen."

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