Friday, January 23, 2015

You Are a Slave of Your Savior!


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The famine became so severe that Joseph finally bought every piece of land in Egypt for the king  and made everyone the king’s slaves,   except the priests. The king gave the priests a regular food allowance, so they did not have to sell their land.  Then Joseph said to the people, “You and your land now belong to the king. I’m giving you seed to plant,   but one-fifth of your crops must go to the king. You can keep the rest as seed or as food for your families.”

 “Sir, you have saved our lives!” they answered. “We are glad to be slaves of the king.”

Genesis 47:20-25

God's purpose in sending Joseph to Egypt was to save the lives of Jacob and his family. The plan worked perfectly and 400 years later a family had become a nation and Israel began the journey to the Promised Land.

But the people of Egypt themselves became slaves to Pharaoh because they traded all their possessions, land and even liberty and freedom for food to keep them alive. The food Pharaoh sold them had come from those to whom he sold it. But they saw him as their savior and gladly became his slaves.

The sobering truth of this story is this: You will become the slave of the one who saves you and provides your needs! If your heart and mind are focused on this world and the things that it provides, then you will become it's slave. But if you look to Jesus for all that you need and give Him the credit for everything you have, you will be His slave and He will be your Loving Master!

Every human being is in dire need! You need many things to live in this world. If you look to Pharaoh (that would be the government) to provide what you need, then you will become a slave of Pharaoh! But if your heart is focused on Jesus Christ and you see Jesus as the source of everything you need, then you will be His slave, but being the slave of Jesus means that you will be free forever!

"Lord Jesus, I know that the only real freedom I have in this world, is the freedom to choose my master! I can choose the world system to provide my needs or I can choose You to be my Savior and provider! So Jesus, I once again declare that You are all I need and You are my Master and Lord. May You be praised forever. Amen."

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