Thursday, January 8, 2015

Learn Your Song!

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Then I heard a sound from heaven that was like a roaring flood or loud thunder or even like the music of harps.   And a new song was being sung in front of God’s throne and in front of the four living creatures and the elders. No one could learn that song, except the one hundred forty-four thousand who had been rescued from the earth.   All of these are pure virgins, and they follow the Lamb wherever he leads. They have been rescued to be presented to God and the Lamb as the most precious people on earth.   They never tell lies, and they are innocent.

Revelation 14:2-5

The life you live determines the music you will love. Wherever you live in the world there is music that you and those you live with especially enjoy. These verses in Revelation 14 talk about a song that only the 144,000 who were rescued from the earth could learn. These people are described as "pure virgins" who never tell lies and are innocent.

The life you live also determines the kind of praise you are able to give to God! The 144,000 are able to learn a song that the rest of us cannot learn, but every follower of Jesus Christ is able to learn a song of Praise to God.
Many love stories on this earth include the part where "they are playing our song." There may be a song that is especially important to a couple because it tells their own love story.

When you PRAISE THE LORD, remember that it is not just words themselves that make a song an important expression of praise. True Praise comes from the life experiences you have had and the walk you are currently on with Jesus.

Let me simplify what I am saying. As you walk through every moment of this day, look for things for which you can PRAISE THE LORD! Every step you take should provide you with something else to put in your list of things to praise God for. Don't limit your praise to the songs that someone else has written. Sing a "new song" of praise to God. Maybe no one else will ever hear it and it may be a song that only you can learn, but search your heart and your life to see if there is anything else for which you can Praise the Lord!

"Lord Jesus, help me to learn my song of praise today! Let my heart bring before Your throne a song of praise like none other! And Jesus may you truly be praised forever. Amen."

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