Sunday, May 29, 2016

Consequences Both Good and Bad

Trust God, my friends, and always tell him each of your concerns. God is our place of safety. We humans are only a breath; none of us are truly great. All of us together weigh less than a puff of air. Don't trust in violence or depend on dishonesty or rely on great wealth. 

I heard God say two things: “I am powerful, and I am very kind.”  The Lord rewards each of us according to what we do.

Psalm 62:8-12

Some people seem to believe that's since our salvation is based only on the blood of Jesus, there are then no consequences on this earth for the actions of a Christian!  That would be as foolish as a man who believes that he is no longer subject to the law gravity simply because he is a Christian.  That was the same temptation the devil put in front of Jesus when he told him to jump off the temple and prove that he was God’s Son!

Even as a follower of Jesus there will be consequences for your actions in this life, consequences for both good and evil. Don't tempt God by doing something you know is wrong and then “trusting” that you will not suffer the consequences simply because you are His child.  But also never forget that the blessings of God will pour over your life and heart when your actions are ones of obedience and walking as the Holy Spirit leads.

The consequences of doing right are not always material blessings or a big bank account!  But the consequences of doing right always include the peace of God in your heart!  You could be the richest man on earth and still completely miserable, or you might be the poorest man and have the Peace of God guarding your mind and heart!  

“Lord Jesus help me to always remember that there are consequences for the things that I do on this earth.  Give me a Holy Fear of being disobedient to You, my Lord and my God!  Amen.”

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