Thursday, May 5, 2016

When Everyone Praises God!

Our God, be kind and bless us! Be pleased and smile. Then everyone on earth will learn to follow you and all nations will see your power to save us. Make everyone praise you
and shout your praises.  Let the nations celebrate with joyful songs, because you judge fairly and guide all nations. Make everyone praise you, God, and shout your praises. 

Our God has blessed the earth with a wonderful harvest! Pray for his blessings to continue and for everyone on earth to worship our God.

Psalm 67

When many people are gathered together, sometimes the crowd turns into a mob and people are overwhelmed with a collective mentality that causes them to do things they would never do on their own!

That is Satan’s counterfeit of what happens when many people come together and praise the Lord.  Worshippers are also overwhelmed with a “collective mentality” but it is one of falling down in the Glorious Presence of Jesus and no harm is done!

The writer of Psalm 67 tells us to pray that everyone on earth will worship God.  Today everyone on earth is about 7.4 billion people.  If one man today wins two other people to Jesus and they do the same thing tomorrow, and then that pattern continues the whole world would come to Christ in one month!  The task is not too large, it is our vision that is too small!

Pray that God will increase your faith to see that every time you tell someone about Jesus you may be lighting a fire that will consume the whole earth with the Glory of God!

“Lord Jesus, open my eyes to see what You are doing with me today.  And Lord give me the faith to pray for everyone on earth to worship You.  Praise Your Name forever!  Amen.”

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