Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How God Blessed Sodom!

Abram returned after he had defeated King Chedorlaomer and the other kings. Then the king of Sodom went to meet Abram in Shaveh Valley, which is also known as King's Valley. King Melchizedek of Salem was a priest of God Most High. He brought out some bread and wine and said to Abram:

“I bless you in the name of God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth.  All praise belongs to God Most High for helping you defeat your enemies.”  Then Abram gave Melchizedek a tenth of everything.  The king of Sodom said to Abram, “All I want are my people. You can keep everything else.”

Abram answered:

The Lord God Most High made the heavens and the earth. And I have promised him that I won't keep anything of yours, not even a sandal strap or a piece of thread. Then you can never say that you are the one who made me rich. 

Genesis 14:17-23

Abram, also known as Abraham was the FATHER OF THE FAITHFUL, but he was the one who waged war against those kings who captured his nephew Lot along with the people of Sodom.  In the previous chapter of Genesis the people of Sodom were already described as those who “were evil and sinned terribly against the Lord.”  Abraham rescued Sodom because Lot was living there and he wanted to save his nephew.

There are special blessings that fall on “evil people” because the righteous are living among them.  Ultimately God destroyed Sodom because there were not even ten righteous men  living there!

This is a warning for those who want to eliminate Christians from their land.  Even if you totally disagree with those who follow Jesus, there are many benefits for your people  because Christians are citizens of your country!  

Respecting and even honoring Christians will bring no trouble from God Almighty to your land and may be the door through which Eternal Blessings come to all your citizens!  

“Lord Jesus, thank You Lord, that You came to this earth to seek and save those who were Your enemies!  I pray that today “Sodom” will not be destroyed, but will come to know all the blessings of being Your children!  May You, Jesus be praised forever.  Amen.”

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